An Overview

In recent years there has been an increasing use by companies of external services, primarily to reduce costs. Now that businesses are again looking to expand, use of external services provides a stepping stone to increase the human resource force with less risk. Sayari Business Solution (SBS), have now had been operating their Business Shared Solution (BSS) to companies and this is ranked as a solution to cost effectively progressing quality improvements within small and medium size organizations.

About Business Shared Solutions

This is the outsourcing service whereby SBS acts on behalf of the company in part time basis. Currently the scheme is based on Quality Improvement Service whereby companies will have Quality Improvement (QI) personnel dedicated to progressively quality, without the conflict from other responsibilities within the company and without the costs of employing a full time Manager. The QI person will work for several companies as their Quality Manager and will therefore only be used, by any one company, on a part time basis.

What we are offering under BSS

We do offer consultancy services but Business Shared Support (BSS) does not come in this category. Consultants are normally employed to provide advice and direction, our BSS service is more intense where the person used, will be responsible for implementing the actions and solving problems, not just advising. Their responsibilities are the same as you would expect from a full time employee.

Scope of task under BSS Scheme

The number of task performed under this service depends on the size of the organization and the expertise already employed. The aim is to add a missing link to the management team. The work can involve any quality related subject such as obtaining and maintaining approval, e.g. ISO 9001, dealing with problems involving customers and suppliers, managing quality improvement programs, product certification. Sometimes we work with full time quality and inspection staff. We also have expertise in other related subjects such as design, process improvement and production methodologies and we do offer help in these areas as part of the service. What we offer is very customized to what the company needs.

Our approach on the BSS Scheme

An annual fixed price contract is agreed covering a defined area of responsibility and a monthly payment scheme. This is based upon our experience of the amount of time that will be required. The part time Manager is then required to allocate the time necessary to complete the tasks defined. There will be routine visits and occasions where the Shared Quality Manager will be needed to be available at short notice to deal with problems that arise. Sometimes where there is a definable target such as obtaining ISO 9000 approval, part of the fee will be fixed as a bonus, payable when approval is obtained.