Our customized approach is based on mutual trust and fair cooperation with our partners to guarantee high customer satisfaction. With our deep industry and functional expertise in a variety of areas, we are able to appreciate the client’s unique position in the marketplace and develop practical solutions along the whole value adding process.

We at SBS are committed to build partnership and long-term cooperation with our partners, creating high customer satisfaction through comprehensive solutions and providing value added by in-depth market intelligence and industry knowledge

Our Core Values

  • We will ensure our leadership drives for results.
  • We will make customer loyalty a key driver of our business.
  • We will conduct ourselves with the highest levels of commitment, integrity, honest, care, professionalism, equality and empathy in all our relationships to ensure sustainable and profitable growth for our stakeholders, employees and associates.
  • We understand both people and technology make the difference; therefore we will continue to invest in both. We will create an environment where our colleagues may achieve their personal and career goals
  • We strive to understand and fulfill the needs of our customers and other business partners.
  • We foster and develop the communities where we operate.
  • We will work to improve shareholder value.
  • We will conduct our business in full compliance with the law and regulation.We will ensure our policies and processes are customer and employee friendly

Our Principles

  • We value professionalism, diversity and inclusion, where every team member is treated with dignity and respect.
  • We support and develop our team members, and value those who want to learn.
  • We believe and invest in continuous improvement.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for the service we provide.
  • We reward our team members and business partners who work hard and work smart to achieve improved results.