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We conduct research through a professional and systematic inquiry carried out on behalf of a third party utilizing the knowledge and expertise of our member(s) with the purpose of gaining new knowledge or search for an understanding whose objective is to provide information to solve a certain problem(s) in industry and/or commerce and to drive excellence and competitiveness to our clients.

Through our Research service, we manage, develop processes, select and analyze appropriate data & information, and administering a scientific approach to data gathering, consolidation, and dissemination of research findings.

To achieve our goals we orient our Strategic Objectives that we;

  • Develop research products that will distinguish SBS as a respected research firm in matters of institutional governance, leadership, management, and excellence within the region
  • Utilize research in informing the SBS new product development and product improvement (feasibility studies, new product research, market analysis, and tracking services)
  • Establish research partnerships and collaborations to seek research funding/grants


Through this scheme, we provide research solutions to public, business organizations and development partners through stakeholder satisfaction surveys (internal and external), market surveys and situational analysis surveys.


Below is a synopsis of some key surveys carried out:

  • Gap analysis
  • Business research
  • Marketing research

 Market Surveys seek to gather, record and analyze data and information about customers, competitors and the market. The information can have varied uses depending on the structure of methodology. It may be used to help create a business plan, launch a new product or service, fine tune existing products, and services, and expand into new markets.

Market research can be used to determine which portion of the population will purchase a product/service, based on variables like age, gender, location, and income level.


Customer and Stakeholders Satisfaction Survey

Stakeholder Satisfaction Surveys encompass the internal (employees) and external (customers & clients) stakeholders of an organization go to the extent of establishing and measuring their satisfaction with the organization. Recommendations are hence made on improvements needed on service provision to the target groups.

Throughout the global marketplace, Stakeholder Satisfaction Surveys are often regarded as the most accurate barometers to predict the success of an organization. Because they directly ask about the critical success factors of a business, if done effectively, Stakeholder Satisfaction surveys can deliver powerful incisive information and provide ways to gain a competitive edge. When measuring stakeholder satisfaction, companies can gather critical feedback about questions similar to the following: how satisfied are you with the interaction/service; how likely you are to seek service again are and how likely you are to recommend the organization to others.

Baseline Survey

Conducting baseline surveys for customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, work environment

Situational Analysis

 This research product seeks to analyze the internal systems of an organization that works towards meeting the organizational goals. Main units of focus are Procurement, Human Resource, Finance, and Administration. Policies and guidelines in the systems are assessed for presence, relevance, effectiveness, and level of implementation. The situational analysis is undertaken thorough short rapid interviews with employees and an extensive review of organizational policies that touch on service to the internal and external customers.

Omnibus Surveys

Omnibus surveys are studies that gauge multiple issues and are carried out periodically (monthly, quarterly, etc) to gauge current issues in the business environment. The issues may be sector specific or general depending on issues requiring investigation. The Omnibus targets multiple clients rather than one and seeks to synergize expectations in one survey.

The advantage of the Omnibus survey is that it is cost effective to the client organization because they get to pay only for the questions that they contribute. The study tool consists of initial sector-wide questions and a separate section for contribution from interested organizations. The survey ideally targets general consumers represented by all social groups, age groups and educational levels and is therefore relevant for market-oriented organizations who may want to learn their present and prospective customers better.

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